This step for X2 X4 Only.

Copy this DOCTYPE, click Alt-S and paste this into <!--Master Page Preamble-->

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"       "">

X2, X4, X5, X6

From the DEMO page highlight the HTML fragment right click>copy and paste it onto your projects’ master page(s)

From top menu bar click Tools>Site Manager>File Manager>New Folder. Create the following folders, use small case and not capitals:





Move file  supersized.css into the css folder

Move file  supersized.shutter.css into the theme folder

Move files  jquery.easing.min.js and supersized.3.2.7.min.js into the js folder

Move file  supersized.shutter.min.js into the theme folder

Delete these three files which are my image files bg001.jpg, bg002.jpg, bg003.jpg

Move all other files into the img folder.

Use the Add File button and browse for your background images and put them in the img folder.

Finally, double click the HTML fragment and scroll down through the script until you see

slides      :   [   // Slideshow Images

             {image : 'img/bg001.jpg'},  

             {image : 'img/bg002.jpg'},  

             {image : 'img/bg003.jpg'}


Delete my images and enter yor images after img/. Use as many images as you like by copying the first or second line and pasting before the third line and change the image. IMPORTANT every line has a comma at the end EXCEPT the last line.

Various settings can be changed in the script just by changing the number as indicated

Have fun